Charlee Atkins, CSCS
March 19, 2022
Le Sweat TV Review

“At the gym, I would feel lost If I wasn’t in a group fitness class. If I couldn’t make class, I would just do cardio. Planning workouts was hard because I always scheduled everything around class times. It was also easy to make excuses not to go to class because of weather, traffic, or work.

I never worked out from home before joining Le Sweat. At first, I found it hard to be motivated to exercise at home. And it was super frustrating not having all the gym equipment I thought I needed to get in a good workout.

I thought I needed to workout for hours to get any results. I never thought I’d be a “workout-from-home” type. I joined Le Sweat in June 2020, and since then, my body has never felt better!

I love the flexibility and all the choices. It’s organized so well and so easy to find something I’m feeling for that day. I’ve mastered push-ups and am no longer doing them on my knees. I’ve had zero injuries and have learned so much about correct form.

But what surprised me the most was the community! We encourage, motivate and cheer each other from all over the world! Even when I’m not participating in any challenges, I love seeing everyone’s sweaty selfies!

I delivered my first baby girl in December 2021 and honestly, birth and recovery were amazing! I genuinely believe it was from staying active and working out smart throughout the trimesters. The breathing, mobility, and strength all played an important role during labor.

My name is Kimberley, and I’m from Ottawa, Canada. I’ve been a Le Sweat TV Member since June 2020, and my favorite programs on Le Sweat TV are the 7-Minute Abs Challenges!”

Kimberley S., Ottawa, Canada

Member since June 2020

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