Le Sweat was born in May 2016. What started as a fitness blog quickly evolved into a community of modern-day fitness enthusiasts in pursuit of healthier bodies, stronger spirits, and sharper minds.

The first evolution of Le Sweat was the introduction of Le Stretch, a guided stretch class with the use of foam rollers and massage balls. Focusing on recovery is just as important as pushing ourselves.

Next was the addition of Le Sweat classes, group strength and conditioning-based classes taught using bodyweight and minimal equipment. Our workouts make sure to include proper training methods to leave you feeling stronger.

Men’s Health, Well + Good, PopSugar, Women’s Health, the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, GQ, and Vox have featured Le Sweat and Le Stretch classes.

In 2018 Le Retreat global fitness retreats launched, which have been dubbed as the “perfect vacation for fitness enthusiasts.” Our retreats are a combination of fitness and travel to worldwide locations such as Bali, the Philippines, Colombia, and Mexico.

The most recent chapter of the Le Sweat story was the introduction of Le Sweat TV in April 2020. We wanted to expand on creating a broader community and transforming fitness routines and lives by having a go-to training program. Le Sweat TV makes training from home educational, accessible, and attainable.

About Charlee Atkins

Charlee Atkins is an NYC-based fitness expert and creator of the popular fitness app Le Sweat TV. She’s listed as one of America’s top trainers by national outlets such as Women’s Health, Men’s Health, PopSugar, Cosmopolitan, and Well+Good.

Charlee blazed a path as one of the first NYC-based trainers to take on the digital space with an app back in 2018. The Le Sweat TV app specializes in full-body at-home workouts, including HIIT, strength, cardio, yoga, mobility, and more. LSTV continues to be voted the best at-home fitness apps in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Charlee’s time at SoulCycle led her to build her business and create a community dedicated to accessible fitness today. She began her journey at SoulCycle when the company only had five studios; she helped grow to over 90 studios, including international locations in Canada and London, before leaving. In addition, Charlee taught at over 40 different SoulCycle locations, selling out classrooms in Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Boston, Denver, and NYC.

Outside of encouraging her community to break a le sweat, Charlee lives in the Nolita neighborhood of NYC with her husband, Kris, and their dog, Gene. You can follow along with her on Instagram @charleeatkins as she shares bits and pieces of her New York life as a trainer and business owner.

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