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Charlee is Le Sweat’s professional sweater. She is a top NYC indoor-cycling instructor specializing in 45-minute indoor cycling adventures. Originally from New Mexico and transplanted in NYC by virtue of her mentor Julie Rice (co-founder of SoulCycle). When not leading group fitness, she spends her time working behind the scenes as the creator and founder of Le Sweat.

She has been a life-long physically active le lady playing all team sports (including cheerleading).  In her spare time, she received her Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University in Exercise Science, concentrating in Sports Medicine. Present day, in addition to leading group fitness, she is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA as well as a movement and mobility specialist.

When not le sweat-ing she actually enjoys breaking a sweat, traveling and/or hosting Le Retreats, eating egg dishes with potatoes of any sort, drinking coffee, being anywhere that requires a passport, getting vitamin D at various beaches, and gaggling with girlfriends about ways to conquer the world.

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