Our Story

About Le Sweat

Le Sweat was born in May 2016. What started as a fitness blog quickly evolved into a community of modern day young adults in pursuit of healthier bodies, stronger spirits, and sharper minds.

The first evolution of Le Sweat was the introduction of the Le Stretch method. A curated class focused on held stretch positions accompanied with the use of the “LeCrosse” ball for self-myofascial release. The next evolution was the incorporation of Le Sweat classes which are high intensity, circuit-style classes taught using bodyweight and minimal equipment.

Le Sweat and Le Stretch classes have been featured by Well + Good, PopSugar, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Marie Claire.

Our most recent addition to Le Sweat has been Le Retreat. What has been dubbed as the “perfect vacation,” our retreats are a combination of fitness and travel to worldwide locations such as the Philippines, Colombia, and Mexico.

The founder of Le Sweat is Charlee Atkins.

Charlee is an NYC-based trainer that has been coaching for over ten years. Her introduction to the boutique fitness world began at SoulCycle in December 2011 where she joined the company when they were at five studios. Charlee left in 2019 after helping in the growth to over 90 studios, including international locations in Canada. As a Master Instructor at SoulCycle, Charlee taught at over 40 different locations, selling out classrooms in Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Boston, Denver, and NYC.

She has been a featured master instructor in the openings of SoulAnnex by SoulCycle, Performix House, Studio B by Bandier, and the East coast expansion of Alo Yoga.

In 2018, Charlee was the first-ever fitness host for the launch of Well+Good Wellness Retreats. She continues to organize, produce, and lead sold-out fitness retreats under Le Sweat.

Charlee certifications include CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), CFSC (Certified Function Strength Coach), and FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist).

In 2019 she was named as Women’s Health number one top Instagram account to follow.


For all inquiries please e-mail: us@le-sweat.com.