Charlee Atkins, CSCS
March 4, 2022

RESISTANCE BAND EXERCISES FOR LEGS, BOOTY, and ABS – Looking for knee-friendly and beginner-friendly resistance band exercises? These 4 exercises are guaranteed to strengthen and tone the lower body and core, including your glutes, hamstrings, and core, plus 3 workouts to try from Le Sweat TV.

While I love working out with weights, I love to switch things up and keep my muscles working. Cue resistance bands!

These are the days I love using my resistance bands:

  • Low-impact days
  • Recovery days
  • When I’m easing back in to exercise after taking a break whether that’s because of vacation or life getting busy

Resistance bands workouts always leave me feeling more mobile and lengthened every time I do them.

Plus, if you’ve ever experienced a knee injury, these are perfect low-impact workouts while still working your muscles and building strength and definition.

Click here for 20+ workouts using resistance bands on Le Sweat TV

One question I get often is, can resistance bands build muscle?

The answer is YES! Resistance bands can build muscle and make you stronger, but only up to a certain point.

Strength gains do occur if you follow any exercise program with consistency and progressive overload. However, if you want to say, build your booty using resistance bands only (like we dreadfully see on Instagram) , the answer is no.

Muscle growth — known as HYPERTROPHY, requires more training precision, supplemental nutrition, and heavier weights. (Peep this infographic by the NSCA)

Want to read more about HOW? Check out this journal on the effects of elastic band training to conventional weights training,


Plus, helpful form tips to make sure you are doing them correctly!

Leg Lowers with Resistance Band

  • Flex both feet
  • Reach the heel away from the body as the leg lowers
  • Keep lower back pressed into the mat

Supine Extension

  • Keep feet flexed
  • Keep the bent knee over the hip
  • Keep the lower back pressed into the mat

Standing Abduction

  • Hold onto a wall for balance
  • Lift the leg to the side and slightly back
  • Keep the feet flexed

Quadruped Extension

  • Come to the forearms for the exercise
  • Keep the lower back flat

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