#AYNTK: Ok, mind out of the gutter. The D we’re referring to is Vitamin D. We know, booooring! But still, summer is just around the corner, so in prep for increased amounts of fun in the sun, it’s time to talk about why the ladies need some D! NYC fitness instructor Charlee Atkins tells us more about this titillating topic.

Why Women Need the D by The Fitness Bitch


Vitamin D’s major role in the body is its involvement with bone growth. Depending on how young you are, it’s important to note that bone mass peaks at age 30. After that age, bone health starts to deteriorate. This means you should start to bone up on the D now.


If you’re a woman and want to increase your chances of conceiving a child then follow along. A link has been shown between vitamin D and the creation of healthy baby-babies (aka embryos). High-levels of estrogen in women actually increases the risk of infertility. But when Vitamin D is present, studies have shown a lowering of certain estrogen hormones. Moral of the short-story: get that D in to increase chances of fertility.


(aka general health)

Vitamin D supports the “killer cells” in our immune system. Also known as T-cells, they find and destroy foreign bodies that have a tendency to make us ill. Vitamin D also minimizes common side effects felt when just starting a work-out regimen such as fatigue, muscle soreness, and sleep irregularities. Probably most important of all, regular absorption of vitamin D helps minimize depression.


  • The sun will cause the skin to produce a requisite amount of Vitamin D when properly exposed
  • Expose the hands, face, arms and legs sunlight two to three times a week for 10-15 minutes sans SPF
  • Follow your dermatologists orders for sun exposure beyond that