#AYNTK: Social media is here to stay, but because it’s still relatively new, we as a society are navigating the emotional rollercoaster that being socially active can take us on. One social media event in particular that can trouble us is the “unfollow.” Full disclaimer, we’re not psychologists. But when it comes to people you know, the unfollow on either end, can sometimes have this annoying effect. Why? We all think it’s so stupid right? Well, to help put it in a little bit of perspective, here are the rules we follow (yes, pun intended), when it comes to unfollowing your people.


Reminder numero uno: Social media is not mandatory. It is an optional activity, despite some who may argue otherwise.

JUST A TIP: A “like,” a “favorite” or a “double tap” should be genuine, not obligatory or forced. 

We all have the option to participate, or not participate. Don’t take it too seriously and at the point at which it becomes not fun, then abort. 


When you go through the ol’ break up situation, there’s no reason for you to follow each other in the months following the split. 

JUST A TIP: The break-up unfollow is healthy. 

Chances are the only reason why either one of you is following the other is for control reasons. In order to heal you need not see what’s happening on your ex’s end. This exposure can lead to the creation of little stories in your pretty little head that likely aren’t true. Make sure you clear le air before you become social media friends with your ex boy/girl friend


You are 1000% expected to unfollow somebody who doesn’t have a voice you subscribe to.

JUST A TIP: Follow those who stand for what you stand for.

Your feed should be filled with inspiration and people you care about – not anyone that brings you down. Which takes us to our next point…


FTR: In the world of unfollowing, it comes down to your perception of the other person, not the other person themselves. With this in mind, it’s not personal.

JUST A TIP: Unfollowing somebody has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you.

We’re so quick to judge others for what they post, when it actually doesn’t matter what anybody choses to put on the feed. With that, the choice to unfollow somebody doesn’t mean that person did anything wrong; it’s just that you may not personally vibe their vibe. In these scenarios, it’s best for you to just opt out. AKA: out of sight out of mind.  


Sometimes, people unfollow people hoping they notice – as if that’s going to deliver a message.

JUST A TIP: Unfollowing somebody for the sheer validation that said person notices the unfollow is the wrong way to go about it. 

How about you try this on for size? “No message is a message.” Remember that. And if you really have to think about it too much, then think about why you’re thinking about an unfollow so much. You get us?


Last but not least, make it be known there are other apps for your apps that exist that can and will track those who choose to practice the act of un-following. If you’re downloading said apps, be advised they will make you feel a certain type of way and if they aren’t making you feel in the good type of way, then proceed. with. caution.  Only bite-off as-much-as-you-can-chew as they say.  Also…we’re not saying, but we’re saying: this may or may not be an unfollowing app some of us may or may not be have been and/or currently exposed to.

JUST A TIP: Proceed with caution. Handle with care.

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