#AYNTK: Some people just ask better questions than you do.  Such is the case of our fellow worker-out-er slash “le-sweat-er,” Krista Williams, founder of THE HUNDRED BLOG.  Homegirl did a little interview with us, and we’ve shared a few notable highlights below. However, to see the full-on interview with all the juicy details, (which is totally worth it), click here, or here, or here. But before we go: we love Krista because of her passion for living life to the fullest. In her words: “Hundred’ means to the fullest. It’s 100% of the way, and it’s a staple in my vocabulary and a metaphor for how I live my life  – it’s nothing less than 100%, all of the time.” We say “YES.” Ok, carry on.

Goal of Le Sweat

“…to bridge the gap between aspirational vs. actual fitness goals…”

If you’re working on working out, you should be able break a le-sweat and have fun without feeling like an asshole in the process.

New phone, who dis? (AKA who are we again?)

The founders of Le Sweat are one professional sweater and one professional non-professional sweater…both of which have full-time day jobs. For more on AYNTK about us, peep the full interview

Every wonder how this whole thing came about? Answer: CAFF-MEAN*

“Le Sweat was conceived at Saxon + Parole one eve, but a majority of its gestation was in Thailand. It was also stimulated over many, many, MANY cups of coffee. We believe it was around coffee no. 1,327.”

*Caff-mean is when you are in dire need of a coffee/caffeinated beverage because you be acting mean.

Le Sweat and caff-mean in Istanbul
 Le Sweat Co-Founders caffeinating whilst walking through the streets of Istanbul
What do ü mean?

“Le Sweat is for people who are working on working out.” More on what this whole thing is on the Hundred Blog

BF4L (AKA what to expect from Le Sweat)

Honesty is the best policy, therefore expect “to be talked to like you’re being talked to by you best friend”, which means we’re going to tell you when that dress is too tight, when you’re being a little cray-cray, or when you smell.

Not a playa I just pun a lot

Expect a lot of sarcasm and puns. We def gotta lotta puns up in this B. Why not? Puns are fun. 

BRB…gonna insert a quintessential motivation quote

“Habits will always remain, it’s just a matter of what you replace them with.”

A little bit about our diet advice…

“What you eat doesn’t make me shit.” -Jay-Z

“…eat the burger, eat the cookie, eat the pasta and the cheese. But also eat the salad, the chicken, and always eat a healthy breakfast!” 

Le Sweat Co-Founders in helmets
 Le Sweat Co-Founders casually practicing safety whilst riding road hogs (aka four-wheelers) through Greece

For more on how this whole Le Sweat thing came about, what it is, what we recommend, our workouts, and alleged six-packs, check out…oh yeah, you know where to to go by now.

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