Le Sweat is a community for those who are working on working out.
Sweat with us at one of our signature workouts.

Le Sweat™

Through smart guidance and carefully curated playlists, this full-body mat class is guaranteed to make you move and break le sweat.

Our title class is taught to the beat of the music and combines ways to sweat: bodyweight strength training to make muscles stronger; cardio to make the heart and lungs stronger; balancing exercises to help stabilize and control the body; and our favorite, flexibility training to lengthen the muscles and increase range of motion at the joints.

Le Stretch™

LE STRETCH™ was born when we realized sometimes you just wanna lay flat and stretch.

Through a series of mobility exercises and held positions, this is the ultimate injury-preventing, full-body, lengthening experience that will leave you feeling open, agile, and mentally invigorated. Don’t worry, we play good music here too.