#AYNTK: When you’re on a beach, take advantage of the beach and switch up the workout routine. The following moves are designed to leverage the natural resistance you get from the sand, making your muscles work overtime. Do just 30 minutes of this and you’ll be very sore the next day – in a, “I feel ripped kind of way.”

What it works: With these moves combined, you’re gonna get that total body workout you keep asking for.

Why we love it: You can do this workout in beach attire so we back the added bonus of getting some D whilst breaking a sweat. The professional sweater of Le Sweat also believes sand is one of the best terrains to add more resistance to your movements, thus an increased overall intensity.

What you don’t need: Shoes. You don’t need to wear shoes.

How long: Approximately 33 minutes but time will vary depending on speed and desire to just keep it going.

  • Le inch worm, power skips, side shuffles, bounds, and beach climbers
    • Do each move for ninety (90) seconds with a thirty (30) second recovery in between; repeat circuit three (3) times total
  • Le Beach Run
    • Start (…or end) the workout with a 5-10 minute runny-poo up and down le beach

Room needed on le beach: 10-15 feet

  • start in a plank position
  • keep neck in neutral position by looking about 3 feet in front of you
  • keep your legs straight and walk feet towards hands
  • keeping feet in place, start walking hands away from body back to plank position
  • focus is on the core but this is also a great warmup to open up the hamstrings for the rest of the workout

Room needed on le beach: the more the merrier, but 20 yards should suffice

  • start by jumping off of one leg
  • explode up using the opposite arm to help gain height
  • land on opposite leg and immediately repeat (fyi: power gains happen during the explosive jump)
  • think of this as regular skip but on an illegal drug (the skip…not you)
  • repeat down the beach, alternating sides

Room needed on beach: 20-ish yards

  • start in an athletic squat position, keeping gaze forward
  • for balance, hold arms in front of you, bent with elbows at your side (think of a “T.Rex”)
  • keep hips low and chest up
  • begin the shuffle to one side
  • drive through the ‘back’ leg to propel body sideways
  • don’t cross your feet while shuffling
  • shuffle back on the other side

Room needed on beach: about 20-ish yards

  • start standing with both feet together
  • using a counter jump, swing arms backward to initiate momentum
  • jump forward using the arm swing for assistance
  • explode forward as much as possible
  • land with feet together and immediately go into next bound

Room needed on beach: enough space for your body

  • start in pushup plank position
  • slightly elevate your hips
  • avoid “shrugging” shoulders to keep them relaxed
  • use the core to the facilitate the movement so as not to overuse the hip flexors
  • keeps arms engaged with a slight bend in the elbow
  • begin by bringing one knee at a time towards the chest
  • repeat by alternating legs

Room needed on beach: use the whole f*cking beach if you have to

  • put one foot in front of the other and go
  • we also say “sand matters”: the soft/dry sand will give you a more challenging slow run and will work the quads; the harder/wet sand will feel let you run “faster” and will work the calves
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