#AYNTK: If you took note of what we consider the le essentiels of packing in order to maintain fitness on your travels, then you should most definitely have a resistance band in your bag. This piece of elastic rubber will take up negative space in your bag, but yet it can be used in a multitude of ways. These are 4 band moves to get you started, and will also prove why you should never leave home without “the band.” Oh, and did we mention you can use these at home too? 

what you need: one resistance band with handles and somewhere to stand

where to do it: in your hotel room, by the pool, on the beach, in a park, or whatever enjoyable setting you choose

what it works: biceps, shoulders, triceps: AKA the ARMS

how long: 60-90 seconds on each move; repeat 3 times; 15-20 minutes total

…why we love it: because we’ve been practicing this IRL in hotels across the world, we’ve confirmed it keeps things tight, and are finally bringing it to Le Sweat URL



Get out of bed

  • The hardest part is just getting started, and usually that means getting up and at ’em. Step one of this hotel workout is to get your butt out of bed and grab your bands. Clothing featured is optional. A hit of coffee is recommended.
  • But before you get started, just a tip on resistance:
    • To increase or decrease the resistance (aka “weight”), adjust your feet on the band: for low resistance stand on the band with just one foot; for more resistance use both feet, and a wider stance will gradually increase the resistance. Adjust according to what works for your desired strength level.

Bicep curls

  • stand on the band based and chose desired resistance through stance (above)
  • make sure tension feels equal in both hands though
  • start with arms extended (down by your sides), palms facing forward
  • slowly curl arms up towards upward toward the shoulders, and then slowly lower back to start
  • repeat

Shoulder raises 

  • chose desired resistance
  • to start, keep left arm by your side (it will remain there)
  • keep your right arm straight and extended, then slowly raise it up and straight out in front of you, palm facing down
  • stop at shoulder height
  • lower arm back to your side
  • next, raise arm straight out to your side, palm facing down
  • stop at shoulder height
  • repeat by alternating from front to side raises
  • after 60-90 seconds, switch arms

Tricep extensions

  • stand in staggered stance, when the front foot on the band and the other foot behind you, about feet width apart
  • start with both hands by your sides
  • keep arms straight, and palms facing back
  • slowly raise arms behind you to about a 45-degree angle
  • you can do this with one or both arms at a time

Upright row

  • chose desired resistance
  • start with arms down, and cross hands at the wrists
  • pull bands up, bringing hands up to it’s respective armpit
  • stop when the elbows point straight out to the sides
  • upper arm should be at shoulder height and parallel with the floor
  • slowly lower to start
  • repeat
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