Carry It In Your Carry-On, Part 2 by Le Sweat
Photo by Micah Gantman: Le Sweat Co-Founder CA finding no excuses to break le sweat whilst traveling in Istanbul

#AYNTK: We’re back at it with the packin’. These are the les essentiels to maintain your F.A.T. (fitness and travel) and support you in your #vacationadaptation. (Now you see, there is actually a method to our madness). In part one of Carry It In Your Carry-On we highlighted 5 things you should carry-on to get you through the travel portion of your travels. Here you’ll find the 5 essential F.A.T. items you can’t leave home without. These are things that without, it’ll be hard to even get started, which we all know is the hardest part. All right, enough build-up, you get the point. Read-on:

Running Shoes, Le Sweat

Do not leave these guys at home! Here’s why, even if you don’t run: a quick 30+ minute run is the best way to get your bearings in new surroundings and see more than you would by walking. Forget about the calories you’ll burn – think of it as your vehicle to see new sights. Even if you have no intention of lifting a finger while on a travel vacay, you actually never know when the urge to sweat might strike. Make sure you at least have the option, and pack. those. guys!

Resistance Bands, Le Sweat Travel

These things are what can actually be considered your “gym in a bag.” Bands are amazing because they take up zero space (we mean you-might-even-forgot-you-brought-them zero) and provide you the ability to “lift,” stretch, strengthen and tone, anywhere…anytime. We typically bust these out in the hotel room as part of a “quickie” workout, up/out at the pool for a fresh-air arm-sesh, on the airplane for those long-hauls where we really start to get desperate, and have even once used them in the back of a cab en route from JFK to home. You get the point. Usage is pretty self-explanatory, but since we do specialize in the area, expect a follow-up on this. (aka, coming soon…)

Workout Clothes, Le Sweat Travel

If we had a penny for every time we heard someone say, “OMG, I forgot my clothes!” on a trip, we’d be retired in Paris instead of writing this online publication. But since most people pack 97 pairs of shoes and no workout clothes, here we are. Yes, this goes without saying, but admit that your standard inclination when packing for travel isn’t always to bring clothes you can workout in. It follows the same logic as to why you should bring running shoes – options add value. And if you’re starting to run out of space, rethink the 17 tops you just packed – you’re really only going to wear the same 5 anyway.  Why don’t you just throw in a set of spandex, eh? 

Headphones, Le Sweat Travel

We le sweat (aka ‘are fond of’) many things and music+sweating sits at the top of the list. (Did you know we post weekly playlists right here?) Listening to music whilst sweating heightens the experience and motivates you in a scientific way that this dude Levitin wrote about in his book. He believes, “Music is organized sound,” and our brains are wired for organization. Levitin goes on to explain that there is a neurological connection between music and our emotions and that music has the power to express emotions that our brains cannot verbalize. So when you’re having trouble getting the engines rolling, having a good playlist on demand, plus a pair of solid music amplifying headphones, can make all the difference in helping you rally. We recommend these guys over at Bose.

iRing, Le Sweat Travel

Ok, you don’t technically pack this, but it’s a worthy mention to optimize any le sweat session. We discovered this guy right before our #friendmoon and it made all the difference. This guy doubles as a kick-stand for your iPhone (or smartphone, whatever you roll with), but it also makes running with a phone more stress free. Should you be using your city as an urban gym, this guy helps you keep a grip on your lifeline (aka cellphone) which can be importanté if you’re listening to music or using Googs for a map. It’s also a great way to take pictures on a catamaran that is cruising along the sea, those nautical winds have the power to take anything away from you!  Needless to say, we fully, fully, back this guy (pun intended with the back.)

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