#AYNTK: Question: why do most singles default to immediately seeking their next romantic companion? There is so much unnecessary energy spent on potentials that typically turn out to be a no-go anyway. So here’s a thought: what if you took some extra solo time and channeled that energy into cultivating a relationship with yourself, before you get into a relationship with your next ex? (that makes us lol). Stop finding your value in somebody else’s attraction in you and create your own. Here’s a few ways on how:


[Shameless plug alert] Please see https://le-sweat.com/fitness/ for reasons why working out is good for you. Thank you, come again! Ok, no, but really. It can’t be stressed enough how vital the physical part of your life is to the mental part of your life. Working out helps you work sh*t out, literally and figuratively (pun intended). What makes this easier is that it actually doesn’t matter what it is you do. Just do something that makes you feel good by breaking a sweat. 

Alone, Not Loney by The Fitness Bitch

Some like to say, “home is where the heart is,” but we digress. Whether you’re super organized or maybe not so organized, get some hefty trash bags and rid your homestead of anything you don’t use. Why? Giving yourself added space let’s you hit the “refresh” button. Home should be a place you can re-energize from all the crazy that’s out there. Make it a space where you enjoy being on your own so that that magic can happen! Just a tip: check out Homepolish to spruce up your pad. (FTR, our resident professional sweater Charlee Atkins has tested and approves)!

Alone, Not Lonely-5 by The Fitness Bitch

If you do one thing on this list, do this: take a trip, a little trip, life is what you make of it. The destination is your choice. With nobody to plan with, experiences like this teach you how to be in the moment, even when that moment may be uncomfortable because you have no friends. (JK. You do…they’re just all at home). Traveling solo is quite possibly the most liberating of all single experiences, and we promise, you’ll feel like a bad-ass bitch when you get back. Just a tip: don’t leave home without your running shoes. Taking a little jog is the best way to explore, and you’ll enjoy those croissants and rosé that much more. 


We preach cross-training in fitness, but there’s probably some unwritten rule about cross-training in life. If you already [think] you know everything about your industry, spark the creativity wires and learn about a new industry. Then get really creative and see how you can apply these alternative principles to the world you already know. Life has the potential to get boring. Relationships get boring. Probably most of all,  jobs get boring. Cross-train the mind while you’re a free-bird and kick things up a notch. 

Alone, Not Lonely by The Fitness Bitch

Many singles are chomping at the bit and will say yes to any date.  While we do preach #yesoryes at TFB, sometimes you should just say no. If you’re committed to this “be alone not lonely” thing we’re preaching, then decline the next date if you’re not actually that interested to begin with. Spend that extra time doing any one of the aforementioned self-betterment options. Are you ready for this? Learn to say “no” to somebody else in order to say “yes” to yourself.

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