Charlee Atkins, CSCS
February 27, 2022

The Le Sweat 30-Day Booty Challenge is here, and it’s FREE! Make sure you download the PDF guide to tracking your progress. 

Weeks one and two are all about building a solid foundation using movements at the hip, aka booty. Continue reading below for helpful form cues when performing these booty-burning exercises, including videos demoing each exercise.

Squat with Resistance Band

  • Keep the chest up
  • Drive the knees out
  • Drop the tailbone straight down towards the ground (not back)

Side-Lying Leg Lift

  • Flex the feet for maximum booty work
  • At the top, stop when you hit the end of your natural range of motion
  • Press the bottom leg down into the ground for more intensity

Glute Bridge (aka Hip Raise)

  • Fingers should not be able to touch the heels
  • Drive the heels away from the shoulders
  • Pinch a coin between your booty cheeks at the top

Clamshell with Resistance Bands

  • Flex the feet
  • Drive the bottom shin down into the mat for more intensity

Reverse Lunge

  • Back foot should act as a kickstand
  • Back knee should *kiss* the mat
  • Drive the knee out by pressing into the big toe (of the front foot)
  • Keep the head in line with the hips (if you lean forward slightly, that’s okay, but stay aligned)
  • It’s okay if the knee passes the toe as long as the heel is still connected to the ground

Sexy Spiders (aka Plank Spiders)

  • Straight-line from the head to the heels
  • The only thing that should be moving is the spider-ing leg
  • Lean forward slightly for more for a core burn

Banded Leg Lowers

  • Keep the legs as straight as possible
  • Pull the toe towards the heel
  • Reach the heel away from the body as you lower the leg down
  • Keep the lower back pressed into the mat

Clamshell Abduction

  • Knees should be at about a 90-degree bend
  • Flex the feet
  • Drive the shin down into the mat
  • Press the hips forward like a glue bridge

Standing Abduction

  • Hold onto a wall for extra support
  • Move the band below the knees or to the ankles for more intensity

Split Squat

  • Start in the bottom position to figure out perfect feet placement
  • Lean forward slightly for more booty work
  • Pull the feet towards each other as you lower down

Shoulders-Elevated Hip Raise

  • Tuck the chin slightly, let the eyes follow the exercise movement
  • Drive the heels away from the shoulders as you move through the exercise

Fire Hydrant

  • Come down to the forearms for more booty work. This removes the wrist and elbow joints to have more shoulder stability and less likely to use the lower back.

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